The Beauty of Portugal
Some people refer to Portugal as the ‘foster kid of Europe’, not necessarily for its southwestern location in the continent, but mostly for its comfortable Mediterranean climate throughout the year and the warmth of its people. My first visit to Portugal was a 48-hour stop in Lisbon and I fell in love with the city. A year later I visited Porto and just recently I discovered central Portugal and Alentejo. Enjoy!

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Porto, one of the most beautiful cities

I thought Lisbon was the most beautiful city in Portugal, till I got to Porto.
If you are looking for a weekend destination in Europe, Porto is a great option. It had
all the right ingredients for a perfect long weekend or a short vacation in Europe; Its gastronomy is a mirror of its cultural diversity and there are a lot of great chefs’ oriented restaurants in the city. The Port Wine, which stands out from ordinary wines thanks to its huge range of variety. The different kinds of architectural styles; from the Neoclassical to Art Nouveau (I specially loved the variety of the signs fonts) and of course, the comfortable weather.

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by Sivan Askayo
AFAR Local Expert
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