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Sledging Interlaken - at Night

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Sledging (what we'd call sledding here in the US) in the Swiss Alps is truly amazing fun.

The sledging runs in Switzerland include some sort of transport (gondola, tram, train, etc.) to the top of a very large mountain and then can be up to several kilometers long in length. Let me clarify here: I mean that one single RUN can be several kilometers long.

You ride either the traditional wooden sled, or a modern plastic version. You simply hold onto your lead rope no matter what (or else your sled might be headed downhill without you), reach behind you with your other hand and hold onto the rear of the seat deck, give a little shove, quickly place your feet atop the curved portion of the runners, and down you go, learning how to steer best along the way.

I found sledging to be particularly fun at night, especially during a full moon. Sliding along a moonlit run, slipping across the contrasting packed white snow and black moonshadows of towering trees, is simply amazing.

After a day of strenuous skiing, climbing, or some other activity, sledging was a great way to round out an outstanding day - and even more so if, with typical Swiss efficiency, your run just happens to end at a warm little chalet restaurant that has bottles of red wine and warm fondue on the table waiting for you.

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by Chris Chesak
AFAR Local Expert
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