Day Trips from Rome: Archeological Destinations
Antiquities buffs will find plenty of reasons to get into the countryside outside Rome.

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Exploring Orvieto Underground

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Beneath the modern city of Orvieto, Italy, lies a mystery. A series of grottoes and meandering paths that were carved out of living stone centuries ago by hands long-since dead can now be explored by tourists today.
An hour-long guided tour of the "Underground City" reveals wide paths, dark tunnels, steep staircases, and sudden panoramic views of the farmland surrounding Orvieto. Intact, complex structures made by a community of Etruscans who once inhabited this mysterious city also hold artifacts from their culture.
It's an exciting tour, but only suitable for physically fit and trim individuals. Yes, I said "trim," because you will at times find yourself crawling up some very narrow staircases chiseled out of the rock. And if you suffer from claustrophobia, this tour is not for you!
Needless to say, this tour is NOT wheelchair accessible.

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