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Clifts And Seashore, South Korean Style

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Now connected to Seoul via the KTX high-speed train, Yeosu is a gem not to be missed on South Korea's south coast. This picture is of the cliffs and seashore of Odongdo Island, but there is much more to Yeosu! It is also where the 2012 World Expo was held, as well as many cultural and religious sites. Insider's Tip: ask your hotel owner, taxi driver, or any local to get you to the famous chicken restaurant on the hills surrounding Yeosu. We were treated to a $40 feast for two. They slaughtered a live chicken for us, and then made the freshest three-course dinner. It included samgyetang, the famous chicken herb chestnut soup, as well as spicy chicken galbi! One of the best meals of my life!

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