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Off the Beaten Path in Savannah: Oatland Island Wildlife Center

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When you visit Savannah, people often recommend the restaurants, tours, and shopping areas. What people often neglect to inform travelers about is all the natural wildlife that is abundant in the Savannah area, including the dolphin tours, the national parks, and the Oatland Island Wildlife Center, to name but a few.

Oatland Island Wildlife Center is home to several different species of animals. They are one of the few places in Georgia that houses a small pack of gray wolves. The atmosphere of the wildlife center is more of a refuge vibe than a zoo due to all the enclosures being in the woods. You feel as if you're simply taking a peek into the animal's natural habitat, and then moving on without disruption of their day. The enclosures are scattered throughout the woods in the "backyard" of the center and can be reached by trails and boardwalks going across the swampy areas. Some smaller animals, such as reptiles, are located inside the center's shop and information center.

Tip: If you go in the Spring/Summer months, bug repellent is a must. If you forget to bring some along, the center has a small shop where you can purchase bug repellents.

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