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Ngorongoro Safari

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The Ngorongoro Crater is actually a caldera or collapsed crater that has formed a kind of natural wildlife park. The animals have everything they need and no real desire to climb out of the caldera. Because of this, one can see a great variety of animals up close. On our trip with Shidoyla Safaris we saw Lion, Rhino, Hippo, Buffalo, Elephant, Zebra, Giraffe, Hyena, Flamingo, Crane, Pelican, Yellow Basketweaver, to name a few. This is the place to go if you don’t have time to hit all of the national parks, as you can’t drive anywhere in the caldera without seeing animals on all sides. It can be expensive, because there are numerous fees, including a $40 fee to drive into the conservation area, and another $200 to drive down into the crater, plus another $50 per person fee. Rates may change, so check them before going. If you are looking for solitude, this is not the place. Anywhere that there is an animal, there will be land cruisers parked taking pictures. But if your goal is to see animals this is the place! It is also recommended that you hire a tour guide. The park will require you to have a guide with you even if you drive your own vehicle. My understanding is that they want to make sure vehicles are staying on the roadways to protect the environment. Having a local with you helps with spotting animals that might have been missed otherwise, gives great ecological and cultural insight into the area, and supports the local economy.

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