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Taking my mum out of Europe!

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This year my family celebrated my mum’s 60th birthday by taking her outside of Europe for only the second time in her life for a 5 day whirlwind trip around Manhattan. To give a little insight into my mother’s personality the other time she has been outside of Europe was when she gathered us all up for a once in a lifetime trip to Florida, back in 1989. The holiday was funded by the pay-out she received after being hit by a car. She always knows how to turn a negative into a positive and usually that positive is shared amongst her family. I say once in a lifetime because she didn’t really expect to ever travel long-haul again so the trip to NY was a big surprise for her. The surprised expression on her birthday didn’t leave her face until we landed at JFK and over the following 5 days it slowly changed to pure joy. We didn’t have an extravagant hotel or spend many dollars on notorious NY shopping sprees we did however see all of the tourist sights, ate hotdogs, went to see a show on Broadway, got caught in the crowds at Time Square and managed to make a few tears appear when our lovely mum saw the Statute of Liberty. I travel a lot and sometimes I forget the simple wonder of falling in love with a new place and experiencing new things. Taking my mum to New York was the highlight of a bumper year of travel for me and something my family will treasure. Oh and she seems to have developed her own wanderlust – Boston 2013 is already in the travel pipeline!

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