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Nesting on Fourth Street in Berkeley

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The beautiful boutique Nest on Fourth Street in Berkeley, takes me right back to France even before I walk in. The displays of the books, fabrics, gifts, jewelry and artwork through through the glass windows was enough to make my heart leap when I first laid eyes on this new location.

I've been a fan of their San Francisco location (in the Fillmore district) for a while now and the fact that this new branch is only a few blocks from where I work every day, is as dangerous as it is wonderful.

Part antiques, part clothing, part whimsical gift store- it's a magical 'interior store' to say the least. 1815 Fourth Street, Berkeley, CA.

The Berkeley branch is evidently so new, they don't yet have a website for this location and it doesn't register on Google Maps (which is why this post is about the Berkeley store, but on the San Francisco map because of its original location).

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