A Sampling of Chinese Cuisine
China's regional cuisines are as diverse as the landscapes. Sweet, spicy, sour, salty, fresh, fried... Shanghai has it all, and it's delicious.

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The over-populated and easily over-looked Nanjing Lu

The winding corridors and seemingly vacant alleyway's of Shanghai, China is where you immerse yourself in a rapidly changing culture. Ranging from visual awe-inspiring views that will change your perspective of a world, and maybe even your own, to mouth watering adventures that could lead your rules of "do's" and "dont's" astray. Despite everything anyone might tell you, try anything you can stomach off the streets of Shanghai. The street food is inexpensive, locals will remember your face and order, and you will truly feel as if you are "one" with a culture. Pictured here is a safe route for tasting, cherries nestled on over-sized leaves; but there is more adventure to be had just around the corner.

Tip: Head out at night for an even better selection!

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