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The rotating exhibit of New York City street art

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One of the best things that New York has to offer is the abundance of street art in certain neighborhoods like SoHo, Little Italy, and the Lower East Side. This SantaCon inspired piece by Philadelphia based artist NoseGo (Yis Goodwin) is an example of the wonderful things you can find while strolling along in by Mulberry and Hester Street.

Part of the appeal in finding some of these works is the fact that they never last that long. Someone could paint over it, it could be damaged, and it's definitely not something meant to be permanent. The streets are a sort of museum with rotating exhibits. When you see something make sure you have your camera ready because you may never see this piece of art again.

As seen on Ruddywashere.com

Update 1/11/2013 (Unfortunately, someone has damaged this piece. This is why I photograph everything! One minute a cool looking work is up and the next it's gone. It's the excitement and at the same time the down side of Street Art).

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