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Traversing The Nicoya Penninsula

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When staying in Costa Rica, we decided we wanted to go to Montezuma; we had heard a lot about it and wanted to check it out for ourselves.

So, we rented a car, started at the top of the Nicoya Peninsula, and worked our way down - stopping off at little beach towns for rest, gas, photo opps, etc.

If you're interested in hanging out on the beach all day and getting acquainted with other travelers way off the beaten path in a tucked-away oasis, this is the ideal spot.

Montezuma has a really cool "hang out" culture. It's fun to people-watch and just do nothing. We shacked up at a place called Sano Banano that would show old American movies in the lobby every night.

But you don't have drive all over the peninsula to get there. You can catch a ferry in Puntarenas and avoid a majority of the bad roads.

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