Portland for Beer Lovers
It's all about the beer! Portland started the craft revolution—just ask anybody sitting next to you at the brewpub—and it continues to push the brewery-to-beer-drinker ratio lower.

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Weeknight Adventures on Mississippi Ave

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Mississippi Ave, a family-friendly avenue of restaurants and boutiques by day, isn't the kind of street most travel guides will send you to visit at night. You won't find a live theater, dance club, or movie house. What you will find is a busy brewery with in-demand grilled sausage (Amnesia), a row of cozy bars with cocktails and atmosphere just right for intimate conversation (Crow Bar, Sidecar 11, Moloko, and more), and a cute house of homespun drinks and dessert (Liberty Glass). Think you can sing? On Tuesdays, Mississippi Pizza hosts the best karaoke night in town. Baby Ketten are karaoke-aficionados like no other—with original covers, new material every week, and even their own app!

Insider Tip: The Failing Street Pedestrian Bridge connects Mississippi to the Interstate Ave neighborhood with motels, more karaoke, and a commuter train to downtown.

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