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360-Degree Oasis
Mykonos town is an oasis in and of itself. The white buildings, the rare but helpful locals, the clear waters and the blue doors. Touristy areas like in front of the ferry offices and at the bus stop are comical after a day of relaxing in the sun and driving a quad home to a hotel room with a postcard view. It is the kind of town that makes you want to get lost. It is safe and breath-taking at so many unsuspecting moments, like the picture above. Rounding a corner to have the path in front of you drop off into crystal water framed a picture instantly. Greece is all my eyes expected but nothing I thought it would feel like to experience. Go get lost in the oasis that is the Greek islands.
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Mykonos stairs
Exploring the back streets of Mykonos town.
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Off-Road Beauty
The main form of transportation in Mykonos was either the bus for longer distances or quads for shorter distances. This was one of the best parts about my stay! Mobbing a quad in Greece was an unexpected facet of the trip that allowed for my witnessing of the most gorgeous sunset of my life.
When the road ends and the dirt path starts that is when a quad really gets to be used to its full potential. That dirt path brought us around the end of point of land so all you could see looking out was water and sunset. As the sun fell down the sky, the levels of red that were reached was something that made me not want to take the time to blink.
I said to my friend, "I shouldn't be here. I haven't work hard enough in my lifetime yet. My Mamma should be here. She has far beyond earned this." She agreed, so the best we could do is capture the sunset in all its phases and send our Mamma's email with the photos attached tell them how thankful we are for all they do.
A place that looks like this and inspires a person to do that is an oasis in every sense of the term.
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Kalamaria, Mykonos, Greece
Strolling along the harbor in Mykonos.
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Romantic streets in Mikonos, Greece
Not only Mikonos is a party island, the layout of the downtown area is also make it famous. Small streets between blue and white colored structures, and occasionally if you look up or look back, you may see more color palate tuck in the corners.
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Mykonos Sunset
One of the best places to watch the sunset.
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Mykonos: Postcard from Greece
When I mention my trip to Greece, most people naturally assume that we spent a portion of our time exploring Greek islands. Typically, when we think of Greece, we envision the quintessential blue-capped whitewashed homes; the islands that surround Greece's main land. While there are literally thousands of islands (though only a couple hundred that are inhabited), there are a few that are top of mind for most travelers. Santorini and Mykonos are definitely in that mix.

Being that I was traveling with my cousin, we opted out of Santorini and decided to explore Mykonos, an island better known for its cosmopolitan feel and nightlife than romance. Those white buildings with cerulean caps? Yeah, those exist here amidst the windmills and the dramatic backdrop. The entire scene was stunning with postcard-perfect turns that sent my camera into super-speed. In the summer, it was undoubtedly crowded, but it would be a perfect getaway in the spring or fall when fewer tourists are flocking to the sun-drenched beaches.
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