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A Feast for Every Sense

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The Mercat de la Boqueria is located just a few steps from Barcelona’s famous La Rambla. In this collection of shops, stalls, and stands you can immerse yourself in the bright colors and rich aromas. If you’re actually hungry there is variety enough to satisfy any taste.

There are sit down restaurants where you can grab tapas, off-the-boat fresh seafood, or paella. However, if you’re on vacation, its mid-day, and you’re like me then it’s not time for sitting. There’s too much else to see, both inside the Market and elsewhere in Barcelona.

Besides, paella is best enjoyed in the evening at the Restaurant 7 Portes, with a glass or two of their excellent house white wine. If you’re interested in going some evening the Restaurant 7 Portes is located in the historic restaurant not too far from the market and has, oddly, seven doors.

Best things to do in the Mercat are to wander through, enjoying the sights and smells, being wary of pickpockets as you should everywhere in Barcelona. Before you leave, grab a freshly squeezed juice as a quick refresher and an assortment of nuts, fruits, and chocolates to munch on during the rest of your day.

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