Best Family-Friendly Beaches Around the Globe
A lively scene in Brazil. A white-sand beach on St. Thomas. An emerald-green paradise in Thailand. Ah, the world is so full of such wonderful things.

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Surf and Sun, Cali-Style

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Decided to test out my new camera by taking some shots of my cousin and some friends surfing in Malibu. As I was wandering the beach, the little boy in the red jacket caught my eye. He was running in and out of the waves, determined to come as close as possible without actually getting his jeans wet.

There are lots of little inlets along the SoCal coast, some specifically geared towards surfing and lacking in the sandy beach element, and some, like this cove, with plenty of sand for the non-surfers to sit and admire the people slicing through the waves. Driving up the Pacific Coast Highway, you just pull off into the shoulder to park, walk down to the beach (sometimes there are pathways, other times you have to navigate down the rocks), and just sit and enjoy. Most places have no facilities aside from a port-o-potty (if even that), so bring any food and drink to keep you hydrated and fed. And bring plenty of sunscreen, as shady areas are very limited.

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