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Black Sand

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People in Cameroon do not visit the beach much, so when my brother and I checked into a quiet hotel on a black sand beach outside of Limbe, we had nearly the entire place to ourselves.
One man carried his goods from town back home on his head and I swam in the water with a young boy who I could only communicate with smiles as he splashed and body surfed in the waves. In the distance, a wooden boat was filled with about six men; presumably fishing.
The black sand is derived from the volcanic rock nearby which has been eroded away over time. In the very hazy distance, Bioko Island, home to the capital city, Malabo, of Equitorial Guinea, was visible.
We went into town for meals and to visit the Limbe Wildlife Park and Botanical Gardens. Our time spent in the area was relaxing and a break from the crowded dusty roads that we travelled down nearly everywhere else in the country.

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