Best Places for Alfresco Drinking
Thai coffee, fresh-blended smoothies, and tropical cocktails are made unforgettable by views of the city and its amazing sunsets. A host of opulent elevated bars and open-air drinking venues makes outdoor imbibing easy.

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Bangkok from on High

The Banyan Hotel has several amazing places to catch a glimpse of the breadth of Bangkok. AFARer John Galante recommended the Moon Bar at the very top of the 61-story building. Unfortunately when I arrived there was a private event being held. The hotel recommended I enjoy the Latitude Lounge which didn't disappoint. The Thai whiskey and spicy edamame snacks I enjoyed were made unforgettable by near 360-degree views of the city. I came just before dusk, right in time to see the amazing transformation the city undergoes as the sun sets and the lights go on.

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