Two Weeks in Spain
With time to sink your teeth into the savoriness of Spanish life, you can walk the cobblestone streets until your soles are worn, ride a funicular to a hilltop overlooking San Sebastián, enjoy tapas and Spanish wine with sunsets, and maybe learn to cook a dish or two of Catalan and Spanish specialities. And with cheap domestic flights, it’s a cinch to travel from Catalan Barcelona to British Gibraltar.

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Walking down Las Ramblas

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Las Ramblas, they say, is the heart of Barcelona. While dragging my suitcase down the street, on the first evening that I arrived in this city, I knew it right then why it is so.

On a rainy morning, while walking down this famous street, trying to catch up with the walking tour guy, I looked up just to find this stunning building adorned with gorgeous Asian umbrellas.

Casa Bruno Quadras was once an umbrella factory in the 1880s. It has a Chinese dragon on the eclectic facade, said to be looking over the city. Ramblas umbrellas and the dragon is a pleasurable sight along with the wonderful street buskers that light up the street.

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