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The unique tombs of Metairie Cemetery

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I was embarrassed to say that I lived in New Orleans on and off for about fifteen years but had not been to Metairie Cemetery. I knew a lot about it—I had even taken a New Orleans tour guiding course. I had been to other famous New Orleans cemeteries, such as St. Louis #1 and Lafayette Cemetery, but never to the large sprawling cemetery next to Interstate 10.

What I found quite simply astounded me. There are tombs with Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Gothic, Renaissance, and Islamic styles. All are above ground due to the high water table. The cemetery provides a free CD tour which can be played in your car as you drive. The Brunswig tomb (pictured) is an Egyptian-style tomb located at the heart of the cemetery. The calm of the Isis-figure knocking at the door of the tomb is quietly comforting.

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