Places to Watch, Hear and Dance Tango
Tango isn't just a dance to watch: it's a form of music, and a lifestyle, and an authentic way to learn about Buenos Aires and its residents. The best places to experience tango vary between traditional milongas (tango clubs) where you'll watch the locals in action, or tango shows like Rojo Tango at the Faena Hotel. The true rite of passage, of course, is taking a tango lesson and hitting the dance floor yourself.

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Dinner and a Tango Show

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I was skeptical - a dinner tango show sounded like a touristy nightmare in Buenos Aires with mediocre food and overpriced tickets. However I decided to try this classic tourist activity because I simply wanted to see some really great tango.

La Ventana, a tango and folk dance show in the San Telmo neighborhood seemed like a good choice. The theatre was charming and surprisingly the food was good and plentiful. But when the show started I looked at my watch - it was 10:15PM and I thought that it may last for an hour at the most. However 2 hours later my companion and I looked at each other in amazement - we were impressed with the variety and quality of dance and music - as well as the length of the show.

The show had singers, 4 tango couples, a live tango band, a folk band and some amazing folk dancers that were probably the biggest surprise of the night.

Yes - it was touristy - but it also was a fun night out, a decent dinner, and a chance to see some of the best talent perform.

More details - shows are daily and can be booked with or without dinner. Each dinner comes with a bottle of wine. No photos are allowed of the show.

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by Sherry Ott
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