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Beauty isn't Everything

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I just couldn't stop staring at these enormous birds with their bald heads, long beaks, long, thin legs and magnificent flights.The Marabou Stork is gigantic with a wingspang of 2.87 m making it one of the largest flying birds in the world. As you watch it come in for a landing, you'll be amazed as it glides gracefully through the wind with spindly legs pulled up. A scavenger by nature, they are said to have come to Uganda after 2 years of accumulated refuse from the civil war.These birds consume offal and rotting meat as they pick through rubbish heaps helping to prevent disease. As urban residents, you can walk the golf course, head to the mall, or just look up in Kampala to see these amazing giant birds. Though there are many birds in the jungles of Uganda, seeing 6 Marabous sitting on the top of one tree guarding their nests took my breath away.

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