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Motorcycle Shrine

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On highway NH-65, 50 km outside of Jodhpur in the direction of Pali, is a shrine at the site of a motorcycle crash. The man who died in the crash twenty years ago gained notoriety after his wrecked motorcycle supposedly moved itself back to the site of the accident twice. Worshippers bring coins and gifts of liquor (the man was drunk when he ran his motorcycle into a tree) to the small shrine here and tie bangles and multi-colored thread to the tree that took the man's life. My driver, who is faithfully ferrying me through Rajasthan, insisted that we stop to offer a prayer for our own safe journey (and given all the aggressive passing, trucks, motorbikes and blind corners I wasn't about to argue). He also has a picture of the man in an amulet on his dashboard. You can find more information on this fascinating little shrine here:

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by Arwen Joyce
AFAR Local Expert
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