8 Stunning Locations for a Yoga Retreat
Yoga devotees hardly need an impressive backdrop to reach their personal state of zen but it doesn't hurt. Here are 8 stunning locations to practice your warrior pose and make the most of your surroundings.

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Yoga With A View

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True, the ground may be a bit uneven, the sun may be shining brightly upon you and you just may have to endure friendly boaters waiving as they sail by, BUT it's a small price to pay for the experience and breathtaking view of practicing on the rocks of Lokrum, Croatia!

The island of Lokrum is a national park right off the coat of Dubrovnik, easily accessible by public ferry. Best to arrive early (& get permission from the park) so as to beat the crowds- and the sun bathers who eventually stake claim on these same rocks...and can you blame them? With a picturesque view of the dramatic Croatian coastline and the deep blue waters of the Adriatic sea, it's sure to inspire many a Sun Salutation! Namaste!

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by Erica Gragg
AFAR Contributor
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