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Foster, Gehry, Libeskind, Pei - architects today are part of a burgeoning creative class enjoying name-brand recognition, global acclaim and brand power like never before. It's not uncommon for world travelers to seek the "latest Gehry" or the newest Norman Foster building. While housing museums, art galleries and other cultural institutions, the architecture itself often shines as brightly as the art inside.

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Advanced Architecture

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Architect Frank Gehry designed this building, which houses the Iowa Advanced Technologies Laboratory at the University of Iowa. The river walk here is simple, but relaxing, with a constant small stream of college students going to and from classes and studying along the river banks.

I was told by my Iowa City host that the budget for this building project was cut after Gehry completed his designs. The building wasn't quite what Gehry envisioned until, several years later, funds were made available to finish the building as he designed it. The stainless steel exterior is impressive both from a distance and close up.

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