The best restaurants in Florence
Florence is home to many wonderful restaurants that range from authentic, family-run trattorias to gourmet establishments offering food that is as elegant as the décor. The earthy Florentine cuisine is based on fresh, seasonal produce, local meat and poultry and peppery olive oil while Florence is a perfect place to sample the world famous regional wines. The restaurants on this list are very popular, so it's wise to book ahead, especially in high season.

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Personalized Tasting Menus

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IO Osteria Personale is a small, elegant, and innovative restaurant in Florence. It's a foodie's delight, with an à la carte menu of meat, seafood, and vegetarian dishes, but no pasta! You can choose three or five dishes plus dessert to create your own personalized tasting menu. The dessert is incredible. Try the white chocolate and olive oil hot cream with lavender slush and passion fruit aspic, or the celery sorbet with yogurt, walnut crumble, and candied carrots. Yum! Make a reservation to ensure you get a table.

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