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Stay in Santa Fe

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Put Santa Fe, New Mexico on your list right now. Let me tell you why. This was my second visit to Santa Fe. The first time, my mom, my friend Shannon, and I set up camp in the Santa Fe National Forest before strolling around the town square for a few hours. We all agreed Santa Fe was a special place, beautifully thriving in culture and art, perfectly set in southwestern grandeur. We loved every minute of it, but alas, returned to our tent in the forest with adobe dreams in our heads. Maybe it was a blessing in disguise that the Santa Fe National Forest was closed when Paul and I rolled into town. Due to dry conditions and the deadly forest fires surrounding the area, our camping options were limited and, in this case, nonexistent. Perfect excuse to book a room at a luxurious inn and spa, right? With the help of the awesome Hotel Tonight app, we booked a room at the beautiful Inn and Spa at Loretto. It was gorgeous, inside and out. We made sure to take advantage of the pool and bar area, as well as enjoy a few tranquil sips of coffee on our balcony overlooking a peaceful and quiet early morning in Santa Fe. When not basking in the luxury of Loretto, we spent our days walking around town, leisurely ducking in and out of art galleries, and dining on sopapillas at the Guadalupe Cafe.

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