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It's pretty great to see a natural rainbow on a trip, there are tons of highlights that capture that gorgeous moment. But it's also so fleeting. Here is a list of different types of rainbows around the world.

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A Church That Touches Your Soul

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Great things happen with artists get their hands on religion and the Rosario Church is a perfect example. Ruben Martinez, one of El Salvador's most prominent sculptors designed a church that "wouldn't get in the way of the public and that wouldn't run from God," meaning that there would be no structures or distractions from the building itself (posts, blinding light through windows, etc) to interfere with services or people's devotion. The end result, finished in 1971, is a building that challenges the ideas of modern churches and is renowned as one of the most unique churches in the Americas.

From the outside it resembles a concrete airplane hangar with a dome shaped roof and a nondescript grey and red-brick construction. But when you walk inside at sundown the stained glass in the ceiling filters the light in a rainbow of color that splashes across the alter, it fills you with a sense of wonder. Additionally, the 12 stages of the cross, designed in Martinez's unique style of metal and rock, turn this place of worship into a masterpiece of art. Make sure to go around 4 p.m. (services start later, generally) on a clear day and please remember - this is, first and foremost, a monument to people's religion, not a tourist attraction.

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