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Tatranska Lomnica in the High Tatras

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Tatranska Lomnica is a little town in the High Tatras. It is easy to get to by train or bus from Poprad and easy to navigate. The ski fields are within walking distance to all the hotels and there are restaurants and a few bars to feed and water you.

From here you can get a cable car to to the highest point in the High Tatras, Lomnicky Stit. It is quite the ride and even though the view was limited when I went up, it was a serene and relaxing ride.

I caught the train up and then took the bus down. The bus ride was beautiful and I wished the windows had been cleaner so I could have had a better view. The bus was also good as it was going directly to Levoca, so I didn't need to change in Poprad. I just sat there and enjoyed the view.

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