The Best Hotels in Portland
Even if you plan to sleep when you're dead, you still need a place to stash your stuff. And Portland offers a variety of great options, from funky to luxurious.

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Hotel Fifty Shades of Cool, Now the Rose

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Living here in Portland reduces my need for a hotel room even under the most altered states. My bed is always a train ride on Max away. But there are occasions when friends or relatives reach the overflow level at the Upland Ranch (our digs) and we need to put them up "downtown." That's when I ping the Fifty for a deal on a great room with a cool affect in an amazing location. This property went through a major renovation a few years ago, and the result is understated hip wrapped in clean lines and comfort. Nice sized rooms are bright, even on the dreariest days, with all the trappings for sleeping in. The hotel changed hands—and names—in 2013 and is now Hotel Rose. Still cool!

There is no shortage of wonderful things to see, eat, do and drink as close as the lobby bar H5O. But don't stop there, at least not for long. Take a run or walk on the waterfront across the street. Wander uptown to Pioneer Square, PDX's living room, and drop by Nordies to see what's on sale. Slip around the corner to the VQ for some of PDX's renowned culinary treats. Hope on the Max and get off at the Zoo stop—at 260 feet from the surface, the deepest station in North America. Stumble into the light and find your way to one of the nearby attractions or go for a hike. Grab the streetcar and head for NW to shop the Pearl or 23rd Ave. Hotel Fifty makes it simple, with well-rehearsed staff keeping your stay as weird as you can tolerate. You are, after all, in Portland.

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by Jay Rymeski
AFAR Local Expert
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