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Gin & Jam

When my friend Spencer, Southern foodie born and bred, enthusiastically claimed that he had finally found his favorite Southern restaurant in San Francisco after a year of good searching, I could not wait to check this place out.

Hops & Hominy is at the end of an alley off the busy streets of downtown and Union Square. If you aren't looking out, you'll most likely miss it. Keep your eyes out for a sign with a bunny on it. Upon entering, you are welcomed by an accommodating staff and an ambiance that is both sexy and comforting.

Not only was Spence right about the food (killer mac & cheese) with its traditional Southern flavors and SF flare, but the cocktails were insanely delicious. My (and I think the entire table of eight people's) favorite is pictured above: the Gin & Jam. I'm not even a gin drinker, but that magical little spoonful of homemade jam to mix in with the housemade sour will make anyone a fan.

Do yourself a favor and go with a big group (who all love to share) and a big appetite. Between all of us, we got a great sampler of the entire menu—as well as a few (too many) Gin & Jams.

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