Where to Eat in Ho Chi Minh City
Eat the best of Vietnamese food in the country's largest city—from pho to clay-pot catfish to irresistible banh mi.

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Ho Chi Minh isn't just about soup: steamed rice crepes FTW!

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I first discovered Vietnamese food as a kid in Montreal, but I always thought it was just about the pho. Of course, like many countries in the region, the food differs depending on the province and one of the many dishes I learned to love were banh cuon, a steamed rice crepe rolled with pork and white pepper and topped with steamed pork sausage and curled fried garlic. With fresh rice paper rolls and a pork chop with a fried egg and rice, it's the perfect sharing meal to share with friends. You'll leave satisfied and smiling. Approx $1.50 per dish.

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