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A Cheaper Way to Experience Greece

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Let me preface this highlight by saying that I have yet to visit actual Greece. So this isn't a highlight about experiences in Greece. I have, however, spent a considerable about of time (and calories I might add) at Yassou!, a local Greek festival which makes this a post about Greek experiences.

This yearly event happens during August at the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox church, just outside of downtown Grand Rapids, Mich. It features Greek bands, dance performances by local teens, and some amazing Greek food: spanakopita, souvlaki, loukoumades, and the ever popular baklava. Spanning one weekend, this festival is quickly becoming a favorite due to the efforts of the church to keep it authentic. There is a small entrance fee (well worth it) and food ranges from $5 to $14. Desserts are cheaper.

At the very least, it satisfies the cravings for Greek food and culture. For now.

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