12 Must-Do Experiences in Hanoi
Hanoi has a charisma all its own, which means there are a lot of experiences you must-do. From delicious cups of coffee infused with whole eggs to the daily maelstrom of the city's streets, there's no place like it, even in Vietnam. Just strolling a few of Hanoi's blocks can be an experience in itself. See a revolutionary hero preserved in state, drink the cheapest beer on the planet, and walk through a market of motorbike parts. Some diversions in Hanoi really shouldn't be missed.

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Uncle Ho

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We were closely inspected as we walked in, to ensure that we showed the proper respect to the man who united Vietnam. I normally only had to cover shoulders and knees for religious regions – and I guess that when it comes to the subject of Ho Chi Minh – aka Uncle Ho – it’s a religious matter.

Military guards dressed in crisp white uniforms kept watch on the crowd, motioning in disapproval when you got out of line or weren’t moving fast enough. They even ‘shushed’ you if you were talking. They basically demanded respect be shown. This site is definitely a tourist destination on a grand scale – however the majority of people in line are Vietnamese – this feels more like a pilgrimage than a tourist attraction.

An awning covered the long line of visitors leading up to the mausoleum – the line moved swiftly and led into the building. A blast of cold air-conditioned air hit you as you entered the building. From there you follow a red carpet upstairs and around corners with guards watching your every move. Finally you follow the red carpet into a dark room with Ho Chi Minh’s embalmed body lying in wake. Before you know it – your viewing is complete and you are back out in the humid air.

For me the experience of observing the local Vietnamese respect their leader was reason enough to go see this site. It was quite the cultural experience.

No cameras allowed. You must wear clothing covering your shoulders and knees – no exceptions. And check opening hours!

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by Sherry Ott
AFAR Ambassador

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