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Would You Try Duck Embryo?
As I looked at the egg and I could vaguely hear people providing me encouragement and instructions, but in my mind I kept thinking – how do I get myself into these things? “Do you want to try hot vit lon?” Duy asked us. I normally try anything, “What’s that?” I responded cautiously. I know that Vietnam is known for some pretty odd food that falls off our American normalcy scale. “It’s a baby duck fetus that’s been in the egg about 15 to 17 days.” He replied. After seeing my reaction he then continued in a apologetic persuasive tone, “we eat them as snacks – they are really tasty.” As if because they were designated as a snack it made it normal. I liked Duy’s line of thinking, but this was going to be a pretty big mental hurdle to overcome. However when they brought the egg out to the table, I knew I wasn’t going to back down, I would simply try not to think about the crunchy bits and possible feathers. Simple right? One of the things that actually made this do-able was that you eat it with the lime/salt/pepper sauce and a green herbal leaf. The lime sauce is what sort of sold me as I love that simple taste. Surprisingly if you don’t think about the texture of what you are eating, the egg itself tasted really good – sort of savory. I’d actually even have it again if given the chance. More Info: You can watch a video of the whole experience by following the url below.
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