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Savvy to the Hippodrome
Savvy to the hippodrome, We Greek in Turkey As we roam. A place to drive the camels and the horses Dromedary dallying as we ruminate on Rumi And the tallying of cultures that can accrue In a region’s history. Races to pass the time Different cultures all in a line The rat-race we know oh-so-well Been spinning that world To the tune of Heaven and hell ...and landing on the moon. Good natured competition- The stuff epic sagas are made of Like a jape between emperors Gotten out of hand, tomorrow we’ll land On the shores at Troy Next thing ya know, Homer is writing an epic tale. Here we go, Down the road (of history told… oh-so…) Well, Thinking back on college days Of learning about the ways of these folk now we are here- And it’s better than just thinking (and talking) about it, No joke.
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