The Natural Wonders of Arizona
Arizona is "The Grand Canyon State," and yes, nothing else in the world is quite like Arizona's most famous natural wonder. But you'll also find other types of spectacular natural beauty: alpine tundra, evergreen forests, riparian canyons, snow-capped peaks, and flower-carpeted flatlands. Just be sure to time your visit with the seasons, and your dreamscapes will forever after be infused with Arizona's natural wonders.

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Magical Moments

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If you are up for a little adventure and breathtaking beauty, add a backpacking trip to Havasupai Falls to the list! The color of the water is out of a fairy tale, and when you add in the fun of camping, hiking, bouldering and scaling rocks it makes for a very memorable trip. with 5 gals in our group we tapped into Matt at Pygmy guides who was awesome! They brought in the tents and food by mules, and we backpacked in with the rest for a 3-day trip—30 miles total...and yes! I would definitely do this trip again!

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