Hiking the CA coastline
My husband and I enjoy hiking & vacations on California coastline. The California coast offers a variety of great hikes and views. The state budget cuts are threatening public access to these gorgeous lands and we risk losing these amazing treasures. I hope sharing these images will help people realize the beauty of our coastline. By visiting our parks, we can help keep them ours. Not all of these hikes are on state parks or right on the coastline, but at least within a couple miles thereof.

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One of California's newer State Parks

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Harmony Headlands Trail is a trail that used to be an old ranch road that starts at the small parking lot and goes out to the coast.

The hike itself isn't very interesting, as you are walking through former ranch land amongst rolling hills covered in thistles and grasses. But the spectacular views of the coastline are well worth the 2 mile hike. We sat on a bench and watched whales as they were heading south to mate. And saw kites, hawks, phoebes, scrub jays and egrets along the trail.

I was unable to capture the beautiful cliffs to the south of the trail as the sun was shining directly into the camera, so this image is north of the trail.

You can also stop in the tiny town of Harmony itself, population 18, and check out the skilled potters and glassblowers there at work, as well as purchase some of their products. The Harmony winery has a great pinot grigio.

Tip: Go early as possible, the lot is full by 10am and you may have to park across the street. Plus, if you want to feel more secluded, there are less people earlier in the day.

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by Rajam Roose
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