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Free as a Bird, Flying Over Rio

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If you've skydived or bungee jumped and think that you've done it all, think again. Hang gliding with Mosquito, one of Rio's most well-known and experienced gliders (he's been flying for over 34 years), is a totally new experience. "Get ready to run with me," he says before taking off over the wooden platform and launching up into the clouds. You'll overlook all of Rio: the pristine Ipanema and Copacabana beaches, the city center and the favelas up through the hills, along with the posh houses and pools below. You can take a hand at flying yourself for a minute- Mosquito will take over at any time. His passion is flying, and he sees it as his life's goal to help people realize their dreams. Once you land safely on the beach below, be sure and grab a fresh coconut from the vendor nearby to help you savor the moment.

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by Ashley Castle
AFAR Contributor
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