Where Rock and Water Meet
The greens, the blues, the browns. Throw in a cliff diver or two, and some crashing waves. The drama of cliffside views—from remote Galapagos to entirely accessible Sutro Baths in San Francisco—never gets old.

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Wandering in Maui

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We took a jeep on a loop around the Hana Highway in Maui. A couple hours later we arrived at the far eastern side of the island. We pulled off in a dirt parking lot, asked a local who was selling fruit where to explore. He pointed to a trail that led up a hill, and said "go check it out!" After almost an hour of walking, we began to wonder if we had missed something, or if he was messing with us. We trekked through a bamboo forest, over streams, and dodged mosquitoes. Then we started to hear a rumbling that grew louder as we kept walking. All of a sudden, the jungle cleared up and revealed this 400 ft. tall waterfall on a sheer cliff. It cascaded down into this little pool that seemed way too small for that amount of water.

We laughed together, thinking we would be lost in the jungle for hours. Maui's amazing natural wonders were not always easy to reach, and it made the experience that much for enjoyable.


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