Haight Ashbury: Still Speaking Hippie
San Francisco Haight Ashbury's neighborhood shows off its past with a tourist interpretation of the Summer of Love and includes some of the best consignment/vintage shopping and cocktail bars in San Francisco.

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Vibes of the Haight

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As "trendy" as this neighborhood has become, it is still definitely worth a cruise through when you are visiting SF. There are great restaurants and fun bars if you don't mind pushing through the panhandlers here and there or the crowds. There are also some great shops and a killer second hand store called Buffalo Exchange. If the crowds get to you just move a few blocks up to the quiet sunny neighborhood of Cole Valley, with it's quaint shops, health food stores and coffee shops (as well as the infamous Zazie's) it is a nice escape from the busyness of the Haight. There are also some great B&Bs tucked around this neighborhood, which are often much nice and more affordable than staying downtown.

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