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Sue's Excellent Voyage 2012

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Rather than post individual highlights, I choose instead to share the photo site I created for my 2012 travels abroad, from London to Istanbul.

A few destinations are missing, as my camera broke and then my smart phone (then my only camera) was stolen. A new one was purchased in Genova, and there the photo journal continues.

A few pics are personal and even silly - and there is also my "pilgrimage" to the Ferrari Museum in Maranello, a lifelong goal - but most are of the landscapes, architecture and uniquely local quirks I love to capture. Most are not titled, as I took thousands of photos while moving around and there wasn't enough time to label each one.

Instead, my hope and intent is that the photos capture the essence of a place and its people, with no need for words. You know the old saying about what a picture is worth....and indeed, the experience of this journey is beyond words, especially due to the wonderful, generous new friends I couch surfed with and dear old friends I visited. I hope you enjoy my photo journal!

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