Patching up the Wall, Simatai, The Great Wall of China, Miyun County, China.

There are a few boxes every traveler wants to tick off their bucket list. I got a chance to tick off the Great Wall a few years back, and my experience couldn't have been more thrilling.

I'm sure it had plenty to do with the section of the wall we explored; Simatai, a 5.5km section of the East Wall, was quiet by tourist standards, beautiful in its ancient way, and characterized by the immense grandeur of the rolling countryside. I thought the fact that we got to ride a zipline off the wall - and over a massive lake - was pretty neat.

This section of the wall was closed in 2010 for repairs, but could reopen anytime. If you'd like to speed things along, I'm sure my friend here would be happy to hire you.

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