The Best Restaurants in Toronto
Toronto’s culinary scene is full of great restaurants, ranging from the haute to the hip. Toronto's best restaurants are in the west end, where you can find international cuisines. Try Asian-inspired modern Canadian at Chantecler or Spanish tapas at the ever-humming Bar Isabel. Vietnam’s favorite sandwich is given a makeover at Banh Mi Boys while So-Cal style tacos are found at Seven Lives eatery. Whatever tickles your tastebuds, it is sure to be discovered in Toronto’s vibrant restaurant scene.

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Best Fish Tacos in Toronto: Grand Electric

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Brace the line ups because this is one of the most popular restaurants in Toronto. It's getting the accolades too: En Route named it one of their ten best restaurants in the country.

The premise is simple: tacos, bourbon and loud hip hop and rap music. That said, there's an eclectic Mexican menu from Colin Tooke (ex Black Hoof; Big Star in Chicago) and Front of House Manager/co-owner Ian McGrenaghan (ex-Black Hoof) that changes regularly.

I'm a huge fan of their fish tacos and their key lime vaso. And the best part? The tacos are $3.50 each. It's good quality food that's affordable.

The wait has become a bit more manageable due to a back patio (in the summer months). The boys are opening up an extension upstairs as well.

It's worth the wait!

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