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Hiking the Grand Canyon

The South Rim of the Grand Canyon is possibly the most iconic hiking destination in the world. There are a variety of opportunities for day hikes, or with advance planning, overnight hikes into the canyon. The three most popular trails are the South Kaibab Trail, the Hermits Rest, and the infamous Bright Angel Trail. Hermits rest follows the rim of the canyon and is paved for much of the way. There is also a bus route that parallels this road. Check schedules for pickup spots. This is a great, leisurely hike, with no elevation change, and incredible views of the canyon from the South Rim. The Bright Angel Trail and South Kaibab Trail head down into the canyon. Be aware that temperatures can vary by as much at 50 degrees or more between the rim and the bottom. Hiking back up is much more strenuous than hiking down, so be prepared to take twice as long climbing as it took to get down. Also bring plenty of water as there is nowhere to get water along the trail. There are a variety of lodges on the South Rim varying in cost and amenities. Plan ahead, rooms book up in advance. There are also a number of options for meals, shopping, and gear. The Park Service offers a variety of ranger led hikes, talks, and exhibits for those interested in the educational aspects of the canyon. Elk and mule deer are commons sights on the rim. Whether you are interested in backcountry camping, or luxury lodging, you’ll find it while enjoying the incredible views of the Grand Canyon!

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