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The Best Doughnuts in Toronto?

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Do you love the tagline ("What creams are made of"), or do you love it? Ashley Jacot De Boinod—former pastry chef at Buca—has taken her doughnut creations to new heights. Tim Horton's tim bits these are not.

If you want peanut butter, bacon, and marshmallow, she's got it (that's the Elvis doughnut); A beer doughnut? Yup, she's got that too. Lemon Meringue? Yes, indeed!

She's also very active on Twitter with her fanbase. Go in. Support her. Her shop is super and she even crowd-funded it, too. The doughnuts aren't cheap, but I'll pay for the love and care that she puts into it.

Pictured here is Nutella Puff.

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