Hawaii: How to Experience the Spirit of Aloha
Hawaii is my second home. I look forward to visiting every year and these are some of my favorite experiences, as well as inspiration for my next trip back.

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A Hawaiian Luncheon with Locals

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The long line up at Giovanni's Shrimp Truck is a sure sign that the shrimp is good and fresh. With locals and tourists practicing their patience with the crowds and the generally unorganized way people decide to align themselves in what should be two lines but ends up being various clusters, everyone knows it is worth it with the smells of butter, garlic and an array of spices flowing from the windows of Giovanni's small white van. Be sure not to miss it as you fly by on your way to or from North Shore as it looks somewhat like a milk delivery van from the 1950s.

After we got our order of butter shrimp and spicy shrimp we sat down at the nearest available picnic table and dug in. Be sure to grab extra napkins at the spicy shrimp is as equally messy as it is hot.

At the table next to us I saw ingenious locals whip out a cold bottle of white wine to pair with their perfectly cooked shrimp - a must do that I will never forget!

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by Murissa Shalapata
AFAR Local Expert
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