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The Gede Swahili Ruins outside Malindi, Kenya

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Taking an exciting a matatu (mini-bus) ride south of Malindi to the town of Gede we were treated to a sweet little town with kiosks selling glass coca colas and lots of laughing school kids. Down a long, winding, forested road you reach the Gede ruins, a tragically under-visited site. The massive complex covers multiple "palaces" and "peasant homes" with huge trees slowly swallowing the ruins back into the jungle. It is a beautiful, elegant and fascinating look into Kenyan history. Without much security, and naturally zero tourist groups, we were able to explore this beautiful site, climbing in, on, and around the ruins, giving us the sense we were archaeologists discovering the ruins for the first time. Sandwiched between Swahili coastal resorts and small villages, the Gede ruins are one of Kenya's best kept secrets

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