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The city of Gaziantep, referred to locally still as Antep, capital of the province of the same name, is the sixth largest city in Turkey. As the Pistachio Capital of the World, the city is very well known for its superb and extensive variety of baklava, and one can find pistachio dust sprinkled on many edible items. Gaziantep has a strong reputation in all culinary areas, so come hungry! Teeming with museums, most everyone should be able to find one which appeals to their interests. Don't miss the newly-built Zeugma Museum, which contains some of the most important mosaics. One can get an excellent view of the city from atop the castle, or Kale, and better understand the city's history by walking through the museum inside. Many treasures can be found at the Copper Bazaar, which is always bustling and full of hammering,

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