Neighborhood Treasures of San Diego
Each San Diego neighborhood has its own flavor and flair. An enjoyable activity for me is to pick a neighborhood, park my car, and just walk—it's the best way to see architecture and find unique shops, restaurants, and galleries.

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Party all night at the Gaslamp district

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Doesn't look like much during the day, but on weekend nights, the Gaslamp in downtown San Diego is very much alive. For daytime exploration, there's shopping and art galleries. There are dozens of beautiful historic buildings and several parks nearby.

Up until the 1990"s this historic district harbored mostly prostitutes, sailors, bars & tattoo parlors. Here's a link to learn more about it's history-

There are dozens of clubs, bars and restaurants here. Even some shopping and hotels. Everything shuts down at 2pm and that's when people really fill up the streets.

Whether it be a mellow, chill jazz bar or a wild brash dance club, the Gaslamp has something for you on a weekend night.

Tip: If you come out for a really crowded weekend, such as Mardi Gras, Saint Patrick's Day or Halloween and you need a cab ride home- set it up earlier in the day. There aren't as many cabs available here as in larger cities, so on busy events, it can take hours to get a cab. My sis and I went out on a Halloween and it took us 3 hours to find a cab. And he was one his way to pick up a reserved ride, so we literally threw ourselves on top of his cab and wouldn't get off until he agreed to take us home!

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by Rajam Roose
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