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The Source of the Ganges

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Taking the drive...the 10 hour drive...from Rishikesh to the source of the Ganges at Gangotri, is life threatening. The road is washed out in many places, there are boulders that could drop, the mountain streams come across the road and with the narrow curves, your life always seems in peril. Hire an excellent driver! Once you get there head to the Ganges to dunk your head for purity or be local and take a full on bath! The Ganges is crystal clear here and is said to purify you. You will see swamis,sadhus and experience a pujha at the river bank. None of the hotels have hot water or heat, which made our October visit so cold at night that we slept in all of our clothes plus hats and gloves! In Gangotri, I suggest eating at a little restaurant just on the other side of the bridge. The glassed in windows take in the sunshine and the owner is a friendly, excellent cook! The Himalayas set the tone for beauty and you can trek higher to Gomukh on the Gangotri glacier. Gomukh is one
of the holiest places for Hindu pilgrims who come here to witness the birth of
Mother Ganga. You will be going from 9000 ft to 12.000 .surrounded by beauty.

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